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Who Is My Neighbor? - July 10th, 2022

July 11th, 2022

Who Is My Neighbor?

A guest sermon preached by Reverend Bryant M. Oskvig at Foundry UMC July 10th, 2022. “Living The Questions” series.

        Text: LUKE 10:25-37

The Reverend Bryant M. Oskvig, an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church, has been working on university campuses since 1998. He received his Master of Divinity from Boston University, where he also earned an MBA in Public/ Non-Profit Management. Rev. Oskvig is now completing his doctoral studies focused on the Black Christian mysticism of Howard Thurman and personal moral awakening at Wesley Theological Seminary where he was also a Lewis Fellow in the center of Congregational Leadership. Rev. Oskvig, known as Rev. O on campus, served in a number of United Methodist congregations in New York, Massachusetts, DC, and Maryland prior to full-time campus ministry. He further has been involved in the broader United Methodist Church having served in leadership on administrative councils and committees. Rev. Oskvig was elected by his peers to serve as delegate to the Northeast Jurisdictional Conference, and he has participated in several conversations and gatherings across the United States about LGBTQIA+ belonging, white supremacy, and the future of the United Methodist Church. Having come to American University in 2019, Rev. Oskvig was confirmed as the 11th University Chaplain and designated as a Scholar in Residence for the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Rev. Oskvig is responsible for animating the broadly inclusive Methodist spirit as a founding principle of American University. He does this through engagement in conversations and worship experiences connected to the Christian identity and through raising awareness and sensitivities to the needs of the many different religious and cultural traditions represented at American University. Rev. Oskvig is married to Dr. Devon R. Oskvig who is a Program Director in the Division of Neuroscince at the National Institute on Aging, where she oversees a large federal program of basic science and clinical research studies. They have four children, who swim, hike, and eat ice cream.

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